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Whelped: 1/4/2013 

Call name: Flidais

Reg #: 13010402 KlM

Color: Roan 

Height: 21"

Length: 24.5" 

Weight: 51 lbs  

Natural Ability Test: 110 Prize 1 

Utility Test: 201 Prize  1 

PennHIP: 0.35/ 0.38  

Rowan Farm Athena


Whelped: 5/18/2017

Call name: Athena

Color: Roan

Natural Ability Test: 112 Prize 1  (Perfect Score)

PennHIP: 0.19/ 0.19  


Flidais is named after the Irish Goddess of the hunt.  

She scored Prize 1 in Natural Ability at 6 months old.  She is one of the youngest Small Munsterlander's to earn top prize in Natural Ability.  She has an impressive pedigree with 5 NAVHDA Versatile Champions in her blood line. She is a warm companion around the house but has an intense hunting drive in the field.  A nationally renown dog trainer said Flidias has "the highest hunting drive I've ever seen in a Small Munsterlander.  Her drive is comparable to German Shorthair Pointers."

Flidais is expecting her second litter in June 2018.


Athena is named after the Greek Goddess of the hunt.

Athena is from Flidias' first litter.    Athena scored Prize 1 in Natural Ability with a perfect 112 score.  She has a calm temperament at home and a strong prey drive in the field.  She is a product of the Rowan Farm Proving Ground.  Her Penn Hipp scores are in the Top 5% nationally.

Athena is waiting on the approval from the Small Munsterlander Club of North America to breed.  We expect she will produce the C or D litter.